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laundry made simple

Share laundry day. Give & get $10!


Why use SimpleWash? We want to make things very simple. 

1. Schedule - morning, evening delivery. 

2. Relax - while our professionals are taking good care of your laundry.

3. Enjoy - door to door service. Chemical-free, clean clothes ready to be put away.


Our Commitment. We will do our best to separate colors from whites to make sure your colors stay brighter and whites stay whiter. We will use the detergent of your choice, fabric-softener. We do not use powder detergent. We highly recommend if you have sensitive items you separate and label with detailed instructions.

Customer Oriented Service: Our team cares, we take a personal interest in your needs. Let us know if you have delicate, gym gear and or prefer hypoallergenic detergent. We use topnotch laundry and dry-cleaners in San Francisco. 

Reliable: Free pick-up and delivery. We value your time and are committed to insuring your order is picked up. 


We’re part of the community. 

Give us your old unwanted clothing and we will donate them to a local charity in San Francisco.

Donations gladly taken

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